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The Denimhunters Boutique Is Now Open!

Meet the brands we love at denimhunters raw denim boutique. Unique raw denim brands, accessories and special gifts for men.

Roadrunner's paradise
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Berlin, In A State of Flux

The Berlin trade show industry is in a state of flux. Berliner Frank B. Halfar reports about the lay of the land and has qualified guesses about the future.

williamsburg-hope-street raw denim
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The WGC Hope Street: Skinny and Raw Denim from NYC

We review The Hope Street Cone Mills USA raw denim jean by the Williamsburg Garment Company is their first American-made and their slimmest non-stretch fit.

The Low Show in Amsterdam
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The Low Show: This Is How Heritage Is Moving Forward

On February 16-18 this year, the new trade show, The Low Show in Amsterdam, will premiere. We asked the founder what it brings to the EU trade show scene.

Blueprint at Modefabriek

A/W 2015 Trade Show Calendar: The Best Raw Denim Shows

This trade shows preview helps you navigate through the jungle and find the best places to discover great new raw denim and all the lifestyle products.

Dumluck Third Lookbook

Dumluck’s “The Third”: Is This the Future of Denim?

Dumluck’s “The Third” collection, with the amalgamation of heritage and the modern, throws open the doors for a discussion on the changing face of heritage.

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Pike Brothers pop-up store in Munich

Pike Brothers Open Pop-Up Store in Munich

Great news for denim-heads in the south of Germany! Pike Brothers have opened a pop-up store in Munich, showcasing their latest gear.

Bread & Butter president Karl-Heinz Müller

Obituary for a Trade Show: Bread & Butter 2001-2014

The January 2015 edition of Bread & Butter in Berlin has been cancelled. Although they promised to return, here’s why we predict it will never be the same.

Japan Blue Côte d'Ivoire selvedge edges

Japan Blue Make Côte d’Ivoire Cotton Jean For A Good Cause

This denim collaboration is one for the history books. Japan Blue and Côte d’Ivoire join forces to help the African country’s hard-tried cotton farmers.

Bybeatle Drifter waistcoat arms big

Get a 13% Pre-Order Discount on Bybeatle’s Drifter Waistcoat

Bybeatle’s new Drifter Waistcoat is a timeless wardrobe staple made from 10 oz. Japanese denim. The design is inspired by the legendary hunting vest.

Still shot from Lost In Paradise filming of Dodge Charger and girl

This Man’s Denim Dream Was Shattered by Noisy Neighbours

While visiting Indigofera in Stockholm, Men’s File creative director, Nick Clements got the idea to portray the brand’s seriousness with a little sarcasm.

Black Rabbit Release Denimhunters

The First Glimpse at the Black Rabbit

Military inspired garments with a mysterious past. Black Rabbit takes on inspiration from a clothing range hidden in myth.

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Simon James Cathcart Denimhunters

SJC’s Kickstarter Bred This Exciting Product Bundle

With bulldog spirit, the SJC Denim Kickstarter has been successfully funded. And, it created a need for a special product bundle of the two bestsellers.