2016 is now almost two months behind us, and we can start putting it all into perspective.

In memorable denim news, 2016 was the year that VW reintroduced the denim Beetle; Levi’s served us the less critically acclaimed 505C “rock ‘n’ roll” jeans; and it was the year that patched-up denim became a truly commercial hit. You see how the 70s are painted all over 2016?

For Denimhunters, 2016 was the year that saw the platform refocus on denim professionals; people who work with denim and jeans. Niching down on this target audience has meant that we’ve become laser-focused on content that helps our readers in their jobs selling blue jeans.

With that in mind, we thought we’d collect our five favourite and most popular posts from the past year for you. From sizing and buying your favourite jeans, to how they are made: we’ve covered all the basics to make sure your denim game is on point. Without further ado, we present you with our top 5 articles from 2016:


5. 4 Pro Tips to Buy Perfect Jeans, Every Time

I’m probably not the only denim fan who’s experienced buying a pair of jeans only to end up with a feeling of “what did I do?!”

Whether it’s blowing the budget, buying jeans that don’t fit, or jumping on a style that doesn’t work with anything in your wardrobe, you may very well end up with a pair of jeans that you’ll never ever wear! And you want to avoid that!

In the blog post, 4 Pro Tips to Buy Perfect Jeans, Every Time, I’ve listed (you guessed it) four priorities I recommend you to follow when it comes to shopping for jeans. They work no matter whether you’re the one buying or the one selling the jeans.

Make sure you’ll never buy (or sell) overpriced, ill-fitted, outstyled jeans again. Read the blog post here.


Copy of 54. How Tellason Built a Brand You Can Trust

The best denim brands are the ones who don’t just sell you a good pair of jeans. They invite you to become part of their story and for them to be part of your own. Plenty of brands will describe themselves as ‘authentic’ even if they’ve never really thought about what it is that makes them authentic.

In How Tellason Built a Brand You Can Trust you’ll find out how they’ve been keeping it real and practising what they preach. If 2017 is the year you decide to start your own denim brand, learn from the best read their story here.


Copy of 4

3. 4 Jeans FAQs That Will Up Your Retail Game

The face of retail is changing these days; the competition from online is not slowing down, and fashion is being commoditised. One solution that’s up for grabs is to make sure you’re 110% on top of your service and product guidance game. That means being able to answer any question your customers ask.

In the 4 Jeans FAQs That Will Up Your Retail Game blog post, I’m answering four of the most frequently asked questions related to what jeans cost, why they shrink, how to get the best fades, and (very importantly) how to make them last.

Read the answers here.


Copy of 22. How Denim Is Made: Indigo Dyeing

As part of the effort to build a content library where denim professionals can educate themselves, I launched the five-part series about ‘how denim is made’ in 2016. The most popular episode was the one about indigo dyeing phase of denim’s production.

A +3,000-word long read blog post, the indigo episode teaches about natural and synthetic indigo, as well as the differences between rope dyeing and slasher dyeing. I start with a brief history lesson before I move into an analysis of the pros and cons of the two most common ways to dye with indigo. And I couldn’t have done it without the help of subject matter experts, such as Henry Wong, Miguel Sánchez and Muzammil Usmani.

If you want to brush up on your indigo knowledge, you can read the article here.


Copy of 11. The Only ‘How to Wash Jeans’ Guide You’ll Ever Need

I know from personal experience that denimheads never tire from talking or reading about how to wash their jeans. So I wasn’t that surprised when October’s post The Only ‘How to Wash Jeans’ Guide You’ll Ever Need got a decent amount of attention. But, I honestly didn’t expect it would get almost 450 shares and links (at the time of publication)!

In this 3648-word monster of a long-read, I present my step-by-step guidelines for both hand- and machine-washing, as well as what I call my ‘3-question tool for better jeans washing guidance.’ I also get into a discussion about why we talk about washing our jeans, and the cons of never doing so.

Want to know what three questions to ask your customers when you’re advising them about how they should wash the jeans you just sold them? Read the post here.


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