Lesson 4 in the Video Course About Benzak Denim Developers

The story of BDD began with founder Lennaert Nijgh’s passion for unwashed Japanese selvedge denim, which he wore for months to get a naturally worn-in look and cool fades.

You can watch Lennaert explain his own and BDD’s story in lesson 1 of the course.

In this fourth and final lesson in the video course about Benzak Denim Developers, Lennaert explains the story of each of the denims he’s using to make his jeans.

Considering how Lennaert got into denim, it’s only logical that the backbone of BDD, the Made in Japan line, consists only of jeans that’re made from Japanese denim, which was designed for great fades. With the European made line, the main focus is on denims that look and feel right from day one.

That brings us to the end of this course. You can find all four lessons right here. Thank you for taking the course and be sure to check out all the other educational content at the Denimhunters Academy.

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