Christmas Edition of ‘Five Favourites’ with Gift Ideas for Any Budget

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Christmas holiday season is just around the corner. That means your loved ones have probably already asked you for a Christmas wishlist at least a dozen times or so.

If you like raw denim stuff but don’t have a clue what to wish for, I’ve made this special Christmas edition of ‘five favourites’ for you.

With the help of five of your favourite retailers, I’ve split the guide into three price categories with five items in each, making sure there’s something for any budget.

Up to €50 ($60)

Clutch Japan Denim magazine

Japan Denim (€30 @Vater&Sohn)

If a pair of Japanese jeans isn’t within the budget of your wishlist, maybe ‘Japan Denim’ is?

The magazine masters from Clutch make some of the most coveted publications about the world of everything heritage and nice.

The Japan Denim issue is no exception; well-curated and with good photos, it’s a must-have for any collector! Even if you can’t actually read it. Pick it up from Vater&Sohn.

Socks, socks, socks

Remember when you were a kid and you got socks for Christmas. Not a pretty sight, I’m sure. But when you grow up, finding socks under the tree isn’t that bad at all.

The good ones are relatively pricey—I know my wife thinks it’s a bit crazy that a pair of socks can cost the same as a decent T-shirt!

Still, Danny Hodgson from Rivet and Hide argues that men have come to expect and require this essential seasonal restock! And for us heritageheads, CHUP provides the perfect range to satisfy this need with their variety of designs and blends.

All are finished with a hand link stitch at the heel and toe to prevent any uncomfortable ‘ridges’ found on lesser hosiery,” he explains. They retail for €32, and you can see the London-based retailer’s selection here.

CHUP socks

Across the pond in Oakland, California, they recommend CHUP socks too. Jeremy Smith from Standard & Strange will tell gift shoppers how the socks are made on vintage knitting machines just outside of Tokyo from a very heavy cotton-blend, which makes for an incredibly comfortable sock.

All the colour combinations are based on those found in nature, so even their weirdest colourways make perfect sense,” he adds.

CHUP socks retail for $30 at Standard & Strange, and you can see the selection here.

Ro To To Teasel Outlast socks

If you want something a little less colourful, Alfie Boyle from Blue in Green suggests the Ro To To Teasel ‘Outlast’ socks. Like CHUP they’re made in Japan, and the retail price is similar too ($33).

These particular ones harness Outlast technology, Alfie explains, which was originally developed by NASA as a temperature regulating material that helps maintain a comfortable temperature in both hot and cold environments.

“The socks absorb excess heat and store it, reducing the temperature of the skin in hot conditions. It’s then able to release stored heat when it gets cold to help regulate your skin temperature,” he explains.

Astronaut-style socks. That’s just awesome! Get them here.

Le Bonnet beanie

Le Bonnet beanie (€49.95 @Tenue de Nîmes)

It may be a myth that we lose up to half of our body heat from our heads, but a good beanie does do wonders when it’s cold outside.

Menno Van Meurs from Tenue de Nîmes says the French/Dutch brand Le Bonnet makes the best traditional beanie on earth. “It’s made from lovely alpaca wool in a family-owned factory in a small village in Scotland,” he tells me. That almost sounds like the beginning of a Christmas fairytale.

The Le Bonnet beanie is available for €49.95 in navy and black. Just be warned that your significant other might ‘borrow’ this one from you.

Up to €150 ($175)

Talonmade bead necklace

Talonmade necklace (€89 @Vater&Sohn)

Admittedly, it takes a certain style to pull off a bead necklace. But, if you can do it, Talonmade makes some of the coolest around.

They’re all handmade in a small workshop in Hamburg with traditional beads and sterling silver clasps. Get yours here.

The Real McCoy's thermal shirt

Real McCoy’s Military Thermal shirt ($95 @Standard & Strange)

In the up-to-$175 range, you can add a Real McCoy’s military thermal shirt to your Christmas wishlist.

“No one expects a thermal to be this heavy, or rugged, and it is a delightful experience to unbox,” Jeremy Smith tells me. “It’s a great gift for women, too, because of the slim fit.”

Standard & Strange stock it in ivory, olive and navy.

501XX book

The 501XX book (€129.95 @Tenue de Nîmes)

Assuming you’ve already added Blue Blooded to your denim book collection, here’s another killer addition!

“You are looking at a publication from one of the most intriguing denim collectors in the world, Tokyo-based store BerBerJin,” says Menno Van Meurs. Of course, that collector is Yutaka Fujihara, and in the 501XX book, he presents 51 of the most impressive Levi’s 501 jeans.

“Totally devoted to the original, Fujihara created a book that is a great read, but more importantly, some serious eye candy.” You can get it here.

Images from Dawson Denim.
Dawson Denim Mercantile apron (€145 @Rivet and Hide)

If you have a messy job or hobby, be it cooking, painting, DIY, working on the car or even tattooing, you need a practical way to protect yourself and your clothing. This apron does so with style.

Constructed by hand from a 13.5 oz. Japanese denim, the apron is complete with a hinged pocket, which stops your phone or notepad from falling out, and a leather key hook. See more here.

Lady White henley Blue in Green

Lady White Co. henley ($148 @Blue in Green)

Lady White Co. is all about producing knitwear that harks back to a time when T-shirts, thermals and sweatshirts were built to last for decades.

Their tubular knit T-shirt two packs proved an instant classic, and as their collection has grown, so has their reputation.

Blue In Green stocks this long-sleeve henley in white, black and khaki. It’s constructed of 100% ring-spun cotton in an interlock knit, all cut and sewn in LA.

More than €150 ($175)

Tenue de Nîmes Frank white

‘Frank Papelino’ shirt (€159.95 @Tenue de Nîmes)

“All you need for Christmas is a crisp white shirt,” according to Menno Van Meurs. If you agree, check out Tenue de Nîmes’ own Frank shirt, which is a tribute to Frank Sinatra.

It’s a contemporary Italian sartorial shirt that’s made from the finest Italian poplin in collaboration with Albiate. “It’s a very high-density weave, which results in an incredibly smooth almost silk-like feel,” Menno proudly explains. He adds that it ages time with wear and wash; just like denim! You can get it here.

Freenote Gilroy shirt

Freenote Gilroy shirt ($220 @Standard & Strange)

“The Gilroy shirt from Freenote Cloth gets picked up by our customers as a gift item frequently,” Jeremy Smith tells me. “It’s easy to size, because it’s more of an overshirt, so there’s some room to guess.”

The wool/cotton blend is nice and cosy without being scratchy, making the shirt appropriate almost all year round in temperate climates. Think of it as the ultimate replacement for the ratty old LL Bean chamois shirt that’s kicking around in so many closets.

“We have it in a number of colours, but the navy always does well,” Jeremy adds.

Nine Lives indigo waffle shirt

Nine Lives indigo waffle henley (€249 @Vater&Sohn)

In your pursuit of everything indigo, this super thick indigo-dyed waffle henley from Nine Lives is a winner.

It’s entirely made in Japan and lightly processed, which means shrinkage is minimal. It does run small, though—like most things Japanese—so size up! Get yours here.

Still By Hand denim jacket

Still By Hand denim jacket ($312 @Blue in Green)

The Japanese brand Still By Hand creates clean modern takes on vintage classics, such as this double indigo selvedge denim jacket, which is loosely based on the iconic Levi’s Type II.

The slim silhouette and longer cut in the body give it a refined contemporary look,” Alfie Boyle explains, “and the double indigo fabric makes it perfect both for dressing up or down.”

A denim jacket is one of the most versatile pieces in any guy’s wardrobe, perfect for spring and autumn, as well as for layering in the colder months. Available at Blue in Green.

Iron Heart cordovan wallet

Iron Heart cordovan wallet (€525 @Rivet and Hide)

Every man of substance should own a quality leather wallet,” Danny Hodgson argues.

Iron Heart have the answer with their amazing cordovan shell bi-fold. It even includes a removable card holder for when you need to travel light or want to keep the line of a fitted suit. Two in one!

The wallet is hand-stitched—which you would expect at this price point—with a cream calf leather interior. It’s the kind of wallet that deserves to be passed through generations. Make your investment here.


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