This week, we’re diving into our archive of denim knowledge.

Learn How Denim Is Woven and the 3 Key Innovations That Revolutionised Weaving

Weaving is the process of turning indigo-dyed cotton yarn into denim. And it’s a topic that can get denimheads fired-up!

The popularity of selvedge denim made basic knowledge about how denim is woven has become household trivia. Ever since the connoisseurs that started the vintage denim scene began identifying jeans as valuable based on the edges of shuttle-loomed denim, weaving has been something denimheads talk about.

But why do we have two different methods for weaving denim? And how did weaving evolve? This week’s highlight from the archives answers any question you might have about how denim is woven.

Read the blog post about weaving right here!


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