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How Yarn Is Spun and the Pros and Cons of Ring Spinning vs. Open-End Spinning

Spinning is the process of turning fibres into yarn. There are two methods to achieve this: ring spinning and open-end spinning.

Ring spinning was the method of choice for denim producers until the 1970s when the industry turned to open-end spinning, also known as ‘rotor spinning.’

But with the advancements in stretch denim and the growing demand for “authentic” denim, ring spinning has regained the position as the industry’s go-to spinning method.

While the two methods differ, they both involve two stages: preparation and the actual spinning.

In the preparation stage, the fibres are parallelised and elongated. The goal is to take full advantage of the length of the fibres to get durable and resistant yarn.

Once the fibres have been parallelised and elongated, torsion enters the picture. This is where the actual spinning happens as the fibres are twisted around each other. And this is where the two methods differ.

To find out how, head over to the full blog post about spinning!


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