Continuing the revisiting of essential denim knowledge from the blog’s archives, this week’s post looks into the two guides to raw denim care myths.

How NOT to Wash Your Raw Denim Jeans

Recently, I dug out essential denim knowledge from the archives about how to wash jeans. And before that, you saw me on camera talking about how to make your raw denim jeans last longer.

Chances are these aren’t the only ‘how to wash jeans’ guides you’ve read. You’ve probably also been advised not to wash your jeans for six months, to put them in the freezer to remove unwanted odour, or to add vinegar to the water when you soak your jeans.

But do common denim care tips like these really hold water? To find, I talked to a dozen experts in the field, including Kiya Babzani of Self EdgeDanny Hodgson from Rivet and Hide, and Heddels‘ own Nick Coe.

The result was a two-part guide to raw denim care myths. Part 1 debunks myths about freezing your jeans, washing them in the ocean, and waiting six months before you wash.

Discover the raw denim care myths here!

Part 2 discusses soaking in vinegar, tumble drying, dry cleaning, and the bathtub soak. You can find out if they’re myths or not in part 2 of the raw denim care myths mini-series.


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