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5-Lesson Email Mini-Course about How Denim Is Made

Learn why denim is blue on one side and white on the other. Why the colour changes when you wear and wash your jeans. Why the legs of your jeans sometimes twist a little. And how makers get stretch into denim.

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Making denim is a fairly complex process with dozens of steps, each of which impacts what the final outcome will look like, how it will feel, and (very importantly) how it will fade.

Understanding this process, you can drop pieces of valuable knowledge into your sales pitch, which makes you look like a true denim expert.

Designing jeans

3-Lesson Email Mini-Course about How Jeans Are Made

If you’ve ever wondered why some jeans cost as little as $20 while others cost €300 or more, this email mini-course is for you.

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It delivers knowledge you can use your sales pitch to point out the physical features that make one pair of jeans different from another. And that can help you justify a higher price point of the jeans you’re selling.

Marlon Brando and James Dean in jeans

4-Lesson Email Mini-Course about the History of Jeans

Because the history of jeans stretches back centuries, you’re effectively selling history when you’re selling jeans! It’s a big part of what makes jeans authentic, rebellious and cool.

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Knowing at least the key events of the history of jeans gives you valuable references that you can drop into your sales pitch to make the jeans you’re selling more desirable.

3-Lesson Email Mini-Course about the Defining Features of Jeans

The jeans we wear today are more or less completely identical to those that miners, workers, and cowboys wore a hundred years ago or more. They’ve inherited almost all of the original features that made blue jeans a success in the first place.

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In this email mini-course, you’ll learn the stories behind the characteristics that historically have distinguished jeans from other trousers.

How to sell jeans in retail stores

3-Lesson Email Mini-Course about Customer Guidance

Telling stories by using the knowledge you’ll learn in the email mini-courses above is a big part of selling jeans.

Most important, though, is how good you make your customers look and feel. You need to them find jeans that fit and provide relevant advice they can use to make their jeans last longer and look better.

Enrol in mini-course about how to sell more jeans!

This email mini-course teaches the essentials you need to know when you’re selling jeans.