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Recreating Denim Fades the Sustainable Way (Episode 3)

Over the past months, we’ve shared the first two episodes of the three-part mini-documentary that we’ve produced about the visit Wouter Munnichs and I paid to Soorty’s NASDA innovation lab in Turkey last autumn. Now, the third and final episode is ready!

The goal of the documentaries has been to spread the word about responsible manufacturing methods and available options in denim production. The went we did that was to each bring of own favourite naturally worn-in raw denim jeans, which they then recreated with the most sustainable materials and methods available.

We wanted to make something that was both informative, transparent and fun at the same time. Throughout the series, Wouter and I talk about our personal experiences with our jeans and the fades.

In episodes 1 (which you can watch right here if you haven’t done so already), we toured the NASDA facilities. In episode 2 (watch it here), we saw how the jeans were cut and sewn.

In the final episode (the one above), we see how the jeans go through the laundry processes to recreate our jeans.

As we see how it’s done, Wouter and I also reflect on why we accepted the invitation to do this project:

Referencing the research I’ve done about the history of jeans, we talk about how pre-washing of denim started with consumers’ demand for ready-to-wear naturally worn-in jeans. And how, today, the vast majority of jeans that’re sold globally are pre-washed.

Therefore, as a self-proclaimed ‘denim marketing expert’ who makes a living freelancing in the denim industry, I need to constantly stay up to date with what’s happening in denim – not only raw denim.

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