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You like denim, I assume. Chances are you’ve been advised not to wash your jeans for six months, to put them in the freezer to remove unwanted odour, or to add vinegar to the water when you soak your jeans.

Looking back at two cornerstone posts from the Denimhunters archive, I discuss whether raw denim care myths like these are busted, plausible or confirmed.

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Raw denim vinegar

With raw denim’s spread from niches to masses, several myths about raw denim care have taken hold in the public conscious. As a result, you might be getting really bad advice about how to best take care of your jeans.

This member resource discusses why these 4 raw denim care myths aren’t totally busted: soaking in vinegar, tumble drying, dry cleaning, and the bathtub soak.

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How to wash jeans - honeycombs

How we wash our jeans sometimes feels like a complicated form of art. If selling jeans is part of your job but don’t provide the right washing guidance, you can get in serious trouble.

The two step-by-step washing guides and the ‘‘3-question tool for better jeans washing guidance’ in this article will help you determine what kind of washing advice your customers need.

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