Cone Mills


For any denim brand, choosing a denim mill is the second biggest decision after fit There are many choices of denim mills throughout the world; every continent has denim mills in operation, excluding Antarctica. So how does a denim brand wade through the choices and select the best denim mill for its jean? Quality, aesthetics, price, reputation, location, and minimum requirements all factor into the decision. The process of denim selection is indicative of the culture of the brand making that choice. How a brand chooses their denim can and will say a lot about what makes that brand tick. Today, the Todd Sheldon brand has confidence in their knowledge of denim, in the denim they choose to use for their jeans, and in their supplier. Learn how to got to this point. A Question of Quality or Price – Roughly Speaking A new and small brand may focus on creating the “best jean available.” In this case, most important would be quality, aesthetics, and reputation of the mill. The brand will face minimum requirements – a minimum purchase can reach 10,000 yards (approximately 5,000 non-selvedge jeans).Larger brands may place a greater emphasis on price and location. Minimums are not an issue for them, and they can ask a mill to replicate the quality they have become known for. If a new CEO can save $1 million a year by moving denim production from Japan to Thailand, they may take the chance hoping that customers will not notice any difference in perceived quality. “If All the Others Use the Mill, We Should Too” A newly established denim brand will arguably first look at which mills successful or ‘hot’ denim brands are using. Some brands will tout their denim supplier explicitly. What you often hear is “Cone Denim.” Cone is the largest denim mill in America and the…