Dawson Denim


German-born photographer Horst A. Friedrichs has made a living of visually documenting British subcultures. He thinks of himself as a storyteller and anthropologist with a camera. Friedrichs moved to London in 1997 and he was fascinated with mods and rockers; he went to their club nights and their bike and scooter runs to photograph them. He kept at it for almost 15 years and has published six books on the topic. Having been a fan of British bikes since he was a teenager, Friedrichs had noticed the connection between denim and motorcycles, which gave him the idea to his latest project; a documentary of the British denim scene. In early 2013, Friedrichs leaped into the unknown when he initiated the Denim Style project: a book that focuses on the British denim scene and its aficionados, retailers, and makers. Things changed when he went to a denim party at Rivet and Hide where he meet Kelly and Scott from Dawson Denim. He went to visit them in Brighton and ended up spending all day taking pictures of the couple and chatting about hemming techniques and chain stitching. The meeting left a strong impression on the photographer: “I was so fascinated that I asked Kelly spontaneously to write the introduction for denim style. Without the involvement and help of Dawson Denim I could never reached out into the denim community.” Friedrichs argues that denim merely serves as a vessel meshing together people from different cultures and backgrounds to create a vibrant indigo mosaic. Photographing Londoners for the book, Friedrichs has noticed that particularly in London denim is about classic and timeless style as well as character. The people featured in the book are mostly denimheads with pride and awareness of the way they dress. What they all have in common is a passion for quality and timelessness. The project taught Friedrich…