Los Angeles


This is a guest post by Dylan Mayes. I am not a writer and never imagined I would be telling this story to anyone outside family and friends… If I did I would have taken notes. To a few I am the folder of denim at Right Hand Distribution (Adelaide, South Australia); no stranger to quality denim, definitely no expert but striving to be one, one day… One pair of jeans at a time, one bandana at a time. But having recently returned from a month-long trip, travelling to San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, and Tokyo, Japan– cities and countries thought by many to be the most important and influential in the denim industry– I was asked on the final days of my trip to retell the story of my ‘Denim Pilgrimage’. A Pair of Shoes Surprisingly, my denim pilgrimage began not with a pair of jeans but with a pair of boots. It was 2007 and I was working in the automotive parts industry. I grew tired of replacing shoes every other month so my older brother, who worked at a clothing store in Adelaide, introduced me to Red Wing Shoes. Red Wings are made for work and, as a result, the brand is steeped in a tradition that promotes functionality and quality over impracticality and disposability. After grabbing my first pair, 8165 Round Toes, my views toward clothing changed to reflect this respect for design, construction, and history. I still have that pair today, ready to go even after a few run-ins with corrosive battery acid. Red Wings were like a gateway drug. I soon started flipping through the pages of HUGE Magazine, admiring the Japanese style that reflected my newfound appreciation for clothing. This led to purchasing Made in USA LVC, one of the very few raw selvedge brands available in Australia at the time. It…