Men’s File


Two of the world’s leading print media for denim enthusiasts, heritage lovers, vintage hunters, and revivalists have joined forces. For the first time in January 2014, Britain’s Men’s File and Japan’s Clutch Magazine will come bound together in a bi-annual special collector’s folder. So far the special collaboration will only be available in Japan, but we hope to see the collector’s folder available in Europe and the US soon. The coming Men’s File issue no. 09 focuses on workwear; Denimhunters got an exclusive look inside and a chat with the publication’s charismatic founder and creative director, Nick Clements. Most of us know you as the brains behind Men’s File, but what is your background in the denim business? “My real connection with denim is not business-based but has developed through a love of both American and European workwear. I have worked with denim and cotton duck fabrics producing small runs of experimental garments – mainly sold through The Curator website.” How long have you been doing Men’s File? “I started Men’s File magazine in 2008.” How did you get into the publishing business? “In 2006 I published a book in which I had asked historical re-enactors and revivalists (like me) to wear and use clothing and objects from my collections and bring their own to my own re-enactment and photo-shoots. This book of mid-century photographic recreations was called Simulacra. The positive reaction to Simulacra opened my eyes to the possibility of working with the wider re-enactor and revivalist communities who wanted to display their collections and ideas and would be ‘actors’ in a new type of style-based photography that features real people doing real things in a very stylish and imaginative way. This led to the opening of Men’s File magazine.” How did you get the idea for the collaboration with Clutch? “I…