Raw denim

Raw denim vinegar

With raw denim’s spread from niches to masses, several myths about raw denim care have taken hold in the public conscious. As a result, you might be getting really bad advice about how to best take care of your jeans.

This member resource discusses why these 4 raw denim care myths aren’t totally busted: soaking in vinegar, tumble drying, dry cleaning, and the bathtub soak.

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This is a guest post by Guillaume Le Bris. As reviewed in the past articles, cotton, one of the most widely used natural fibers for clothing – about half of the world clothes production-  is water and energy consuming; from harvesting the crop to making some fabric. Farmers from industrialized countries like Australia, Israel or the USA have made significant improvements to the irrigation systems and pushed the technology boundaries to save water, energy and thus reduce the costs in the last decades. From what we’ve seen before, using similar methods and technology with alternative natural fibers such as hemp or flax linen would give much better results. Canadian Hemp industry specialists admit at least 5 years would be needed to fill the technology gap with cotton production. And then blending these natural fibers with organic cotton could give birth to a more sustainable kind of raw denim. But is there a way to know how these crops were grown? Just Label It So we’re talking about a pure, clean product that’s not been touched by the dirt and filth of pesticides booohh…and it saves the good stuff humanity needs – hmm water and energy – for later like… a Denim Eco-label. Let’s talk about something we all enjoy besides raw denim: food! No, no, no; not the ketchup flowing greasy one with peanut oil fried fries on the side and melted analog cheese on top – now you’re hungry – but the healthy one, with a green tag on it you know? Well when it comes down to food, some of us are pretty aware of Eco-labels/organic labels. Actually a growing number of us as mentioned in the first article here. So these tags are usually green, printing mind-shocking mature words like: ‘organic’, ‘ecologic’, ‘biologic’. In a way it even became a…