It’s not everyday you get a chance to glimpse into the future. Back in April, Brand Unit (Red Wing Heritage’s wholesale agent for Denmark and Sweden) was paid a visited by Red Wing’s product designer Aki Iwasaki and European managing director Gabor Magyar. The purpose of their visit was to showcase and discuss upcoming products and the future of the company, and they had brought along some of the exciting Red Wing releases coming in 2015. Red Wing Heritage Product Highlights for 2015 In terms of new designs, Red Wing is a traditional company, being highly aware of the enormous value of the company’s heritage. For 2015 Red Wing Heritage is taking a big leap forward with some of the new products: Firstly, Aki and his team are working with a new construction method that makes it possible to produce lighter and more flexible shoes. As always it was been paramount for the designer to make the shoes look and feel like a pair of Red Wings. The shoes will be a perfect alternative to sneakers. Secondly, Aki is working on a special boot that honours the origins of Red Wing’s core products. The idea is to demonstrate where Red Wing icons, like the 877, hail from. No details have been revealed, but it’s going to have a unique vintage-styled leather. Thirdly, there will also be news for the Beckman line and the very successful new Worksmith line. Last but not least, Aki is planning to introduce an extremely exclusive reproduction boot based on a design from the 1930s. The Designer of the Iron Ranger Aki is the man behind all of the new Red Wing Heritage designs and products. One of his greatest accomplishments is the design of the Iron Ranger. And he’s very aware of his role designing and reinterpreting what he considers…