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Every six months, denim lovers from all around the world gather in Berlin to roam the majestic, historic halls of the old Tempelhof airport – all in the name of denim. One hall more than any other makes a denimhead feel at home; the L.O.C.K. The 2014 winter show was something very special for Denimhunters; it was our first time as official media partner, and exhibitor, of the renowned trade show – more specifically the L.O.C.K. hall. As media partner our job was to report on the news and trends of the event and this is the first of three trend reports. Soulive If you love denim, you probably also love indigo. This is something you will have in common with the newly established brand Soulive. The Japanese owner and founder Masatako Tanaka is clearly in awe of indigo. Having worked as a texile and fabric developer in Okayama, and being the supplier for many brands as Japan Blue and Momotaro, he really knows everything about the sacred blue. “It’s very difficult to work with indigo. Especially hand dyeing,” he explains. But the results are rewarding. The coolest thing though coming from the Okayama-based brand is an indigo fabric that looks like patchwork – but it’s not patchwork at all. Making a fabric of this complicated design takes time. Only 100 meters can be produced per day. That translates into roughly 40 shirts. If you want something a little different – but all blue – make sure to stay tuned for the online store launch sometime in the spring of 2014. Words: Andrea Baburske The Flat Head/R.J.B. When it comes to fading of denim The Flat Head and R.J.B. are second to none. Their booth was full of faded jeans, showing visitors the great fading potential these two brands can achieve. A good…