The Bread & Butter tradeshow in Berlin is not just about scooping out the next big thing; nurturing existing relationships are often much more important. Visiting the Fire Dept. at the L.O.C.K. area I once again met the very honest and humble Pete and Tony of Tellason and I got to ask Pete a few questions about his background, motivation, inspiration, and the future of the All-American San Francisco-brand. What’s your background? “I have been a sales agent since 1989, always in Northern California. I began with Mossimo when it was just out of my garage. The same with my second job with Paul Frank.” You seem to have a passion for the history of clothing, how did it all begin? “Well, my passion goes back to a very, very early age. My first memories about caring for what I wore started when I was about 4 or 5. My mother was a single lady, very pretty and cool, and she had a boyfriend named Ken Elsworth. This was 1968-71 and he was this super cool California guy who loved my mother, played professional golf, and was sponsored by LACOSTE. Imagine that era of California style mixed with professional golf! Just an amazing time to be around soaking things up. Well, we did not have much money for nice things yet my mom found a way to give us that “country club” feeling in her own way. Ken would hang out with us when he was not on tour and had his bags packed full of his LACOSTE shirts, jackets and sweaters. My mom was crafty and she made her own clothes since she was a sewer and had all the tools you needed. This included a seam ripper. She would rip off the alligators from his stuff and sew…