Vintage clothing


Joachim Pianka of Berlin’s fein und ripp is a great example of how you stay true to yourself, your style, and your beliefs and be successful in the fashion business. He’s a man who values the importance in codes of honours and verbal agreements. The world is an ever-changing place but what he does is his passion and it gives him great pleasure. His personal style and taste, as well as fein und ripp’s selection of denim and vintage clothing, have left a mark on the fashion scene. Photographer Victor de Mello tells his story with images. Old Is Better: The Story of fein und ripp The story of Pianka is also the story of the family business fein und ripp; it began when Pianka discovered a large stock of original deadstock long sleeved button henleys and seized the opportunity to bring the garments to Berlin and sell them there. fein und ripp’s concept is to continue to find new old deadstock textiles and offer them with as much detailed history as possible. Textile treasures from the past inspire Pianka, and when he finds the right item he wants to make his herald available and to sell it to his customers. As for Pianka’s own style it is characterized by ‘function ability;’ clothes that can be worn every day, which gives him the feeling of being well dressed. Denim Anytime, Anywhere Pianka has been into denim since his teens when his uncle brought him back a pair of Levi’s 501s from the US. Talking about denim and its popularity today, Pianka argues that the coarse fabric can be worn at any occasion by anyone. In his opinion, the love for denim transcends all layers of society; something the selection of fein und ripp reflects: “We try to avoid a particular scene or target group to address, whether it’s the rockabilly,…