Vintage denim


Although the internet has made learning easier than ever, we’re still drawn to knowledge on paper. We somehow trust printed knowledge a little more; maybe because it’s harder or maybe because it’s more prestigious?

If you want knowledge about denim on paper, these are some of my favourite denim books that I think every denimhead should read; books that inspired me and helped me write Blue Blooded.

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Despite numerous assertions that it wouldn’t be possible to find any vintage denim in Amsterdam I sniffed up this pair of Redline Levi’s 501 jeans in one of the Zipper vintage stores. They were made around 1983 and I got them for the reasonable price of €25 (less than $35 or around DKK 185).

For vintage lovers, Paris is a fantastic city. I went there myself for the first time in August 2011 and found this treasure. On almost every street you’ll find vintage shops with bountiful selections and cheap prices that will make the hunt a feast. Close to the junction of Rue de Rivoli and Rue Vieille du Temple is a blandly looking second-hand shop that turned out to be a cornucopia of treasures.

In the pursuit of transforming Denimhunters from a traditional blog and into an online lifestyle magazine, today we’ve come a little bit closer. We proudly present to you, the very first Denimhunters trend report. Our aim is to inspire our readers and give you new ideas of how to wear your denim, and how to use the many shades of blue. This is not to be compared with classic, costly, and glossy high street style reports you normally find in printed magazines done by overpaid photographers and anorexic models that are photoshopped beyond compare. This is real men in clothing you can actually wear. They don’t even wear any make-up and we didn’t spend hours doing their hair; this is how they looked walking in from the street.