Hire me to create stories that excite, engage and convert your customers

You want to stand out from your competitors. Of course you do!

To do so, you need people on your team that can tell compelling stories about how your product solves your customers’ needs.

My name is Thomas—it’s me in the picture above—and I help companies market themselves with stories that excite, engage and convert customers.

What I bring to the table

I’ve built a career as a storyteller and marketer on the back of one of the world’s most trusted denim blogs (the one you’re on right now), which also led me to write the critically-acclaimed book, Blue Blooded.

Actions I can take to rethink and develop content for your digital platform:

  • Identify challenges
  • Write blog posts and product descriptions
  • Set up and manage your content website (e.g. a blog)
  • Grow your email list
  • Curate and manage your social media
  • Train your staff
Brund, Red Wing, HANSEN Garments, Munich Fabric Start, Candiani, JACK & JONES

Here are some of the companies that trust my skills:

5 reasons I’m qualified

Reason #1: I’ve built a highly respected content destination (this blog!)

In 2011, I launched Denimhunters, which quickly became a trusted source of knowledge within the denim community.

Accumulatively, the site has received:

  • 100,000s of visitors
  • 10,000s of followers and social media shares, and
  • 1,000s of comments.

I’ve exhibited at renown trade shows and worked with respected brands. Running the site, I’ve authored 100s of blog posts myself and managed dozens of freelance contributors.

In 2017, I launched an eLearning and staff training platform, which taught me how to create engaging and educational video content (see the example above).

Reason #2: I can dive deep into a topic and distil the essence of it (I’ve written a book!)

In 2016, I published Blue Blooded together with the respected Berlin-based publisher, Gestalten. In only nine months, we went from idea to published book.

In the process, I independently conducted in-depth research about the history of denim and how it’s made. My seminal work on Blue Blooded has been described by others as must-read material for anyone who works with denim and jeans.

Blue Blooded book
Reason #3: I can manage projects within a team

In my role as Content Marketing Specialist at JACK & JONES, I initiated successful projects independently, including new processes for communicating product features and benefits. I also worked with the creative direction of the brand’s denim line, marketing and branding strategy, as well as PR and press.

Reason #4: I understand consumers and their needs

Since 2007, I’ve worked with fashion retail. This has given me a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and how you can use storytelling to meet consumer needs.

Reason #5: I have a solid foundation in marketing

I have a master’s degree in Intercultural Marketing from Copenhagen Business School, which has given me a well-rounded understanding of marketing. And I stay up-to-date with leading content marketing and social media strategies and practices.

I’m often described as:

  • A professional copywriter and content editor
  • Proficient in digital marketing strategies
  • Experienced with digital content management systems, editing, social media, funnelling and newsletter software
  • Organised with a clear sense of urgency
  • Self-directed and able to execute projects independently

You can see all my jobs and accomplishments on my LinkedIn profile.

Jobs I get done for you

Identify challenges and opportunities for your website and online marketing

Why don’t I get more traffic to my website? Why do customers abandon the cart? Why don’t I get more followers and likes?

These are some of the common questions business owners and marketers have about websites, social media and online marketing.

I help you identify challenges and opportunities for your website and your online marketing and map out a plan to make your efforts more successful.

Create engaging web content that tells your story

A common problem many website owners face is how to create engaging and relevant content.

I help you create web content such as blog posts, product descriptions, newsletters, videos, and I can also manage your content-driving website.

Curate and create inspiring social media content

What works on Facebook these days? What does the latest update to Instagram’s algorithm mean to you? And should you prioritise LinkedIn? It’s a jungle out there!

I’ve been working with social media professionally since 2011. I’ve tried it all, and I know what works.

Build your email list and manage your newsletter

Social media are great. But you’re essentially building on rented land. If Instagram or Facebook decides to change their policies tomorrow to your disadvantage, there’s nothing you can do about it!

That’s why you must have a way to reach your customers that you control. And that way is email! In fact, companies see an average of 4300% return on their investment with email marketing (source Digital.com).

I help you build your email list and “keep it warm” with relevant and engaging content.

Write product descriptions that convey benefits

In brick-and-mortar retail stores, your customers can feel the fabrics, try on the fits, smell the indigo. Even more importantly, you can use your knowledge and persuasive skills to sell your products.

That’s not possible online, which is why product descriptions are so important (along with great product photos!).

Your product descriptions should match your customers’ needs, and they should clearly communicate the benefits of your products.

I “translate” technical product and production information into consumers benefits!”

At JACK & JONES, I was tasked to revitalise the company’s product descriptions. On my own initiative, I developed an efficient system for creating hundreds of engaging product descriptions every season. I can do the same for you!

Train staff on denim product knowledge

Any store is only as good as its sales staff. If you’ve ever been to a store where the staff truly knew the products they were selling, you’ve experienced on your own body how knowledge sells!

When you and your staff know the products you’re selling, you become more confident. That makes you more trustworthy. And that means you’ll sell more.

I’ve developed staff training for clients and for Denimhunters with the Denim 101 course. I can help you train your staff too!

Media and software I specialise in:

How can I help YOU?

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