Oak Street Bootmakers (1)

The story of Oak Street Bootmakers is truly inspiring as George Vlagos follows in his father’s footsteps to create a remarkable shoes and boots brand.
W.H. Ranch US-grown natural indigo - 1

If you’re quick, you can join the exclusive owner club of the W.H. Ranch natural indigo jeans. Only ten pairs will be made, priced at $425 a pair.
Hiut Denim world no wash day

Hiut Denim Co has made August 17 into World No Wash Day. And the main reason is not what you might think.
Denim Suit wedding Canadian Tuxedo Ian Berry Denimu - 5

Ian Berry, aka Denimu, got married in a Canadian tuxedo. His suit was made of crispy dark Vicunha denim by a tailor in Hampstead in London.
tenue de nimes pablo memphis

The Dutch denim mecca, Tenue de Nîmes ,has just dropped their second pair of jeans. This time, a more classic fit but with all the special TdN love.
Butts and Shoulders boots vegetable-tanned leather - 4

The new Butts and Shoulders boots are made from vegetable-tanned leather that will develop a unique and personal patina, just like the denim fade.
MOSEVIC denim sunglasses

See how Mosevic aim to change the sunglasses and denim industries with their innovative, stylish and sustainable production. Get a 10% discount code too.







Williamsburg Garment Clothing Selvage Grand Street jeans, new and 9 months of wear

The Williamsburg Garment Company explains the evolution of how to get great denim fades in these before-and-after photos.
lee logger 101 fades

Meet Jamie Coppen of Daily Rush in Holland and his Lee 101 Logger jeans. He certainly knows how to get even more character in to his fades; by burning them.
32 oz. Naked & Famous Elephant skin jeans honeycombs

Chris Benson aka ‘Netleyhunter’ has been wearing the Naked & Famous 32 oz. jeans in the HWDC2 without any washing or soaking. This is what it has been like.
Big-John Rare 008 Denimhunters

The Big John Rare 008 was my first Japanese jeans and my constant companions the last two years. Find out why these jeans are the perfect project pair.
rag & bone raw denim jeans worn for 8 years

Ryan Sullivan has worn a pair of rag & bone raw denim jeans for 8 years and washed them 24 times. Today, they’re buttery soft and faded to perfection.
Naked & Famous Kamikaze Attack collaboration jeans worn thigh

Charles from Chicago has been wearing these jeans for a year. Find out how he got into raw denim in the first place – it’s probably not like most of us did.


denimhunters 2015 Reader Survey

Don’t Miss Your Last Chance To Have Your Say. Our 2015 Reader Survey is closing soon but there is still time to make sure your voice is heard, too.
oneculture pulsar slim taper denimhunters

These oneculture Pulsar Slim Tapers have selflessly donated some sixty days’ service, but it’s hot in the city and time to deliver Denimhunters’ verdict.
Denim Suit wedding Canadian Tuxedo Ian Berry Denimu - 5

Ian Berry, aka Denimu, got married in a Canadian tuxedo. His suit was made of crispy dark Vicunha denim by a tailor in Hampstead in London.
2015 Reader Survey

Your input is important to us. Please answer our 2015 Reader Survey to help us understand your needs and interests.
Endrime EM40090 Dart Manipulation Trucker Jacket

The sheer level of detail in the ENDRIME EM40090 Dart Manipulation Trucker Jacket means it requires a much needed closer inspection.
Jacket Required London

Denim Dudes author and freelance denim forecaster, Amy Leverton, covers the S/S 16 denim trends from London’s Jacket Required trade show for us.



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