How To Age Vegetable Tanned Leather-denimhunters--4

For purists, natural vegetable-tanned leather is the first-choice. In this guide, we show you how to speed the ageing process while preserving the leather.
selvedge run Berlin

Craftsmanship, ethics, and quality at Selvedge Run menswear trade show. We you essential news updates on the new kids on the Berlin block.
benzak denim developers BDD kickstarter denimhunters

Benzak Denim Developers return to Kickstarter – everyone has a chance to jump in on the ground floor and get an amazing pair of jeans at a great price.
Clutch Collection May 2015 - 01

This in-depth review of the first Clutch Collection show in Japan analyses whether Westerners will benefit from it. Find out if you need to go next time!
Tulp Jeans The Denim Bar The Hague Jesper Remmerswaal with denim roll

Jesper Remmerswaal started his Tulp Jeans brand out of his bedroom. Now he has his own brick and mortar retail space in The Hague with The Denim Bar.

It’s not easy picking the jeans you’ll spend the next year in. Find out why Denimhunters’ Matt Wilson chose Benzak Denim Developers for his next project.
The Jeanmaker. Denham At Denimhunters

Celluloid Satire. Denham The Jeanmaker remake another iconic movie with an indigo twist. We talk to Denham’s founder and the director.
rock n roll raw denim care

Life is for living so here’s the Denimhunters Survivor’s Guide to raw denim care in the real world. You’ll learn how to get those nasty stains out.







lee logger 101 fades

Meet Jamie Coppen of Daily Rush in Holland and his Lee 101 Logger jeans. He certainly knows how to get even more character in to his fades; by burning them.
32 oz. Naked & Famous Elephant skin jeans honeycombs

Chris Benson aka ‘Netleyhunter’ has been wearing the Naked & Famous 32 oz. jeans in the HWDC2 without any washing or soaking. This is what it has been like.
Big-John Rare 008 Denimhunters

The Big John Rare 008 was my first Japanese jeans and my constant companions the last two years. Find out why these jeans are the perfect project pair.
rag & bone raw denim jeans worn for 8 years

Ryan Sullivan has worn a pair of rag & bone raw denim jeans for 8 years and washed them 24 times. Today, they’re buttery soft and faded to perfection.
Naked & Famous Kamikaze Attack collaboration jeans worn thigh

Charles from Chicago has been wearing these jeans for a year. Find out how he got into raw denim in the first place – it’s probably not like most of us did.
Unbranded UB221 1 year

Thomas D. Krebs came up with a pretty neat way to turn the fade evolution of his one-year-old Unbranded UB221 jeans into a five-second visual testimonial.


Jan O. Jorgensen

Learn how raw denim and a wear and tear project made one of the world’s best badminton players, Jan Ø. Jørgensen, dress like a man.
Union of Artisans - Jeroen de Wal and Jorrit Klunne

Union of Artisans is a platform established by Jeroen de Wal and Jorrit Klunne to promote industry transparency and artisans, mainly within fashion.
Amy Leverton, trend forecaster at WGNS

Almost every denim industry Insider knows WGSN Trend Forecaster, Amy Leverton. Learn how the impact Amy has on your wardrobe.
Masayoshi Kobayashi signature on The Flat Head jeans

In this rare interview, Masayoshi Kobayashi, founder of The Flat Head takes us inside one of the worlds most recognised and respected denim brands.
THE JEANS MUSEUM denim in Zurich

Ruedi Karrer aka the Swiss jeans freak has collected over 12,000 denim items to show the “denim evolution,” as he calls it, in the Jeans Museum in Zurich.
Learn How the Founder of the HWDC Got Into Denim

By way of a trip to Japan and childhood fascinations with Godzilla, Samurai movies and most prevalently those robots in disguise, the Transformers, Gavin Smith – aka Megatron1505 – fesses up to how he got a serious dose of denim.



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