What is Denimhunters?

Denimhunters is a hub for knowledge about denim and jeans. The story of the site goes back to the autumn of 2010 when I, Thomas, wanted to know more about raw denim and why it fades.

It all began when I got my first job in clothing retail back in 2007. That’s when I developed a strong passion for denim. I didn’t really know why, I just loved the stuff. And I wanted to know as much as possible about it.

This was the heydays of denim forums. I always found them a little noisy and intimidating. It was usually the boldest and the loudest who lead the conversation. It didn’t suit me.

With the growing interest in knowledge about denim, I guess brands and retailers realised they needed something to say when their customers asked about raw denim and selvedge weaves. And some probably figured that adding a little panache to the stories wouldn’t hurt either.

Thomas Stege Bojer, founder of Denimhunters

Combining misconceptions and cheap sales tricks with the fact that few of the self-proclaimed online experts were professionals meant that a lot of the myths took hold and became common denim knowledge.

When I took a sabbatical after my bachelor’s degree in 2010, I was working full time as a buyer for a fashion store. Without the obligations of my studies, I started what became my own personal denim education. And I needed a place to write up all my notes.

My sister-in-law suggested that I should start a blog and that I should call it ‘Denimhunter’ (the ‘s’ was added a year later). I found the name fitting considering the amount of time I was spending researching about denim.

There were a lot of opinions but no truly reliable source to validate the facts. That’s what I wanted Denimhunters to be; something that could connect all the dots as a trusted source of knowledge about denim.

How Blogging Changed My Career Path

After I started blogging, I soon discovered that—more than anything else on my resumé—the knowledge I acquired and used to build Denimhunters gave me opportunities I’d never even imagined.

Every job I’ve gotten since I started blogging has been because of Denimhunters. I’ve built a far-reaching network of enthusiasts and professionals in the business. I’ve been featured in international publications. I’ve been invited to speak at several industry events across the globe. And I’ve had the honour to have my writing published in a book by renowned publisher and culture creator, Gestalten.

From Blog to Consultancy Platform

Today, Denimhunters is a consultancy platform driven by a team of independent and multidisciplinary pioneers, specialising in business development and communication in the global denim business.

If you want to learn more about we do, check out some of our previous work here or get in touch with us directly through the contact form below.

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