Bespoke jeans


Everyone wears jeans. And, they do it at almost any imaginable occasion. But what does an advocate of the classic wardrobe, a non-denimhead, think about this? Denimhunters’ readers know almost everything there is to know about denim, and the vast history and culture associated with it. Still, many of us do not know much about the rules, history and quirks of the parallel universe of classic menswear. We asked one of the leading voices on the Danish classic menswear scene, blogger Torsten Grunwald, what he thinks about denim. Torsten is a guardian of the traditions of the suit. He is the founder, CEO and writer of the Danish site Stiljournalen and The Journal of Style – the latter is in English – as well as the webshop Grunwald: True Style. This is where he shares his vast knowledge about fabrics, history, and origins of the classic gentleman’s wardrobe. As you will learn from the interview below, Torsten wears jeans a bit differently than the rest of us. His day-to-day wardrobe consists of tailored suits, sports coats and other pants such as flannels. Torsten’s acknowledges that jeans are worn at virtually every occasion, however, he doesn’t fully approve. Even though the historical origins of the many garments – and especially the importance hereof – have been washed away over the past decades, the connotations of rebellious youth are still present in every pair of jeans. That’s why we love them – and that’s why Torsten argues that you shouldn’t wear them to a funeral or a wedding.